Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Hypermobility and Me

me with none of my hypermobile joints in sight!
"I tried a pun about rubber bands, but it was a bit of stretch" 

You may or may not know that May is Joint Hypermobility Awareness Month.

Earlier this year I was diagnosed with Joint Hypermobility and in a lot of ways it was a massive relief.

For this diagnosis I saw Dr Faith Gardner who was frankly excellent.  She put me at ease, talked me through it and made me feel okay about being a “wobbly person”.

For years I had weird things happen that could not be explained – such as a period of fainting a lot which was probably a mild form of Postural Tachycardia (POTS) and ongoing battles with IBS.  It also goes a way to explaining some panic attacks – as if your heart is beating wildly it sends the body into fight or flight mode.  In addition to that it explains my generally wobbly joints and pelvis and my tendency to bump into things (hello poor proprioception and low balance!). It also explained my childhood Osgood Schlatters disease, my twenty-something subloxating kneecap, my thin stretchy skin (and stretch marks and constant bruises) , my clicky, sticky joints, my flat right foot and my occasional bouts of extreme tiredness or fatigue (interspersed with MASSIVE amounts of energy!)

But in the context of my hypermobility these mysteries all make sense and there seems to be a way forward.  Though nothing suggests diet can help with Joint Hypermbobilty, it can help with the management of POTs as shown by Deliciously Ella. Drinking lots of water helps with pretty much all my symptoms and weight training helps strengthen my muscles to allow them to do some of the work that my cartilage just cannot do, much as it would like to.

Another key to working on this has been Pilates. I have been going to classes at Leith Pilates for just over a year now and it has really helped me with my body awareness massively. For example now I feel when I am popping out into weird shapes when reaching for a tin of tomatoes on a high shelf.

I’m still prone to putting myself in weird shapes though. My lovely colleague noticed the other day that I was sat at my desk in what looked like a very uncomfortable position but felt very natural to me!

It has been a bit of a journey of discovery and realising that high sugar foods don’t really help with the POTS and that high heels really do not help with the Hypermobility were things that kind of sucked, but each day is a new day and each day is filled with potential – now I know the cause of my weird symptoms I can actually do something about them and that my friends is a powerful thing to feel.

If you want to find out more about Joint Hypermobility then please check out for more information on the varieties of this condition and on support available to those with it.

Friday, 8 May 2015

April round up and May goals

So in April I set some goals - the main one being to pass my exams, which I did. I was very happy:

To be honest I do not know why I set any other goals for that month because basically that was all I cared about.  April was pretty much all about those exams. I was not more active at all, I pretty much passed out once my exams were over and my job interview (oh and in the month I did not post "find a new job" as a goal I got a new job). The chairs remained unfinished though I do now know what I am doing with them and blogging fell by the wayside as did eating food I cooked (thankfully Mr Mac is an excellent cook)

May is all about RECOVERY from the exams! I've got some more neon paint for the chairs of my dining set and something exciting for chair four, I have plans for changing the look of my blog (it has been a few years now) and also some ideas about finding some ethically sourced holiday clothes and finally get back on a climbing wall.

I am so freaking excited!

What are your goals for the month? How was your April?

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Monday Music: The Maccabees

The Maccabees are a musical blind spot of mine.

Mr Mac does a thing where he gets bands mixed up so for a long time thought he hated My Bloody Valentine because he thought they were My Chemical Romance (no). He does a similar thing with The Maccabees where he gets them mixed up with the Fratellis and it seems I did the same. For an embarrasingly long time.

Every now and then though they release a new song and I remember that I actually really enjoy what they do.  I think I posted about how much I love Toothpaste Kisses before (and if not, dude that song is mega pretty).

Marks to Prove It is the new(ish) single from their forthcoming fourth album and if you want to see them live they are doing some “initimate” UK shows in London, Manchester and Glasgow this week and of course playing some festivals over the summer.

Enjoy and happy Monday!

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