Friday, 25 July 2014

It's the way that you were

Some thoughts from the last few weeks or so:

Glasgow when I went to see J5
  •  I seem to be addicted to buying skirts and cardigans from the charity shops near my work.  This is partly because I keep forgetting to bring a cardigan to work (and with two offices having one I keep at my desk is not an easy task)
  • Haircuts make everything better. Always.  I got my hair did two weeks ago and it makes me feel good.
    Dad's back garden
  • I did all of the 100 Happy Days thing.  It feels so good to have completed a challenge

    Never going to tire of this being right by my flat
  • I am now in a super-secret (not that secret) writing group.  It means I am writing a little better and my book is coming along well even if I hate my characters right now, I've totally messed with my carefully crafted plot by adding three new characters who I like more.
  •  I went to a gig and danced the whole time, right up near the front.  I cannot actually remember when I did that before that gig. I think it might have been Frank at Frog.  It felt GOOD.
  •  I am still OBSESSED with Darlings by Kevin Drew and thanks to Christy now want his Body Butter (ahem)
    Old College
  •  I've been going to Pilates for three months now.  I love that I have stuck with it and that I have felt some changes. Mostly these have been small changes but I do feel like something is shifting and that is pretty ace

  • I lost the will to eat well (and sometimes to eat at all) for a bit back there which was bad and unpleasant.  I seem to have found it coming back now though which is nice.  Everything feels better when I eat well.
    The only photo I took on a recent night out!
  • I'm gradually getting back into reading after dropping out of the habit for a while.  I like reading
  • I seem to be signing up to do some kind of running for the MS Society. I don't do running.  I am scared but it is important I think.  I really want to raise money for them.  I'm not going to go into why here but it means a lot to me. 
Reading in the park

  • I have a job interview today.  I don't usually post about stuff like that here but I have a job interview today. I am mega nervous.  Wish me luck and enjoy your weekend!

Friday, 18 July 2014

It's all about you, or, maybe not

Sometimes, sometimes McFly were wrong.  Obviously she was not out of their league - they were good enough for her. Clearly.

It is NOT all about me.  It's not all about me BABY.  Ahem.

But one thing I do know is that I'll be OK because, even when it feels like it, I am not alone.  They got that one very right.

So the lessons for today.
  • It's not about meeee
  • I'll be OK
  • I'm not alone
Look forward to more learn with McFly blogposts in the future (probably not due to the whole McBusted thing but there is a risk this could happen again so be warned)

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Clap along if you feel like that's what you want to do

So I finished the #100HappyDays thing.  And I made a wee video of my photos again.  I think this one might be the best one.

For best enjoyment open this video for 5 Years Time in another window or tab and play it while you look at the photos and don't ask me where that day went...


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