Monday, 5 October 2015

Monday Music: John Grant

So while I was on a kind of hiatus loads of great music came out. Seriously LOADS. I'd list it all but it might make me hyperventilate as I am in no way likely to be able to afford to get my grubby mitts on all of it.

I am however making sure I save some pennies after paying for my wisdom teeth to be removed (woe is me) to get my hands on the new John Grant album.

So we're all already big John Grant fans right? Then we all heard Disaapointing (featuring Tracey Thorn) and lost our shit right? Just checking.

If we're not on the same page check out Queen of Denmark and Pale Green Ghosts. Just do it.

Then check out Dissapointing and proceed to lose your shit:


And check out the super creepy album trailer that came out in June:

I would love to do some long explanation of why you should get this but frankly if you don't get it from that then I am not sure I can write anything to convince you. Sorry.

So this is not a review, just me imploring you to get on the John Grant train. Pronto.

Grey Tickles, Black Pressure came out on Friday. Get on it. You know you want to.

Friday, 2 October 2015


I have not been having the best couple of months. Some tough stuff has been happening and it has been, well, tough. But in amidst all the more shitty things going on there have been some nuggets of purest joy and this post is an attempt to sum those up for posterity.

I spent a lot of time eating my lunch outside while reading to catch the last of the sunshine. And I found new salad combinations I really enjoyed - the one here was rocket, tomato, strawberry, goji berries, raisins, nuts and seeds with a simple vinaigrette dressing. Yum

Leith continued to be utterly stunning. I am so lucky with where I live. This is my favourite place to be.

Broughty Ferry did try to give it a run for its money though. We went through a few times to visit family and for a good friend's 30th birthday. It was pretty darn cool.

I did Style Me September. I only took photos for the first few days, because a thing happened that knocked me off track, but I kept it up for the full run and loved the prompts to keep me going for the long slog that is the start of term!

I really do love Leith and all the shutter art. More popped up over the summer and it was a joy to behold.

We also decided rashly to walk from Leith to Musselburgh for a housewarming. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful way, but we were prudent enough to get a cab home with some local friends!.

This is another Style Me September picture but I love it so am sharing it here!

I got some excellent post over September, including a Blurt Buddy Box, a box of hand-picked goodies from the ever excellent Claire and this card which my sister saw and thought of me.

Oh and a certain Mr Mac may or may not have turned 30 and I may or may not have made an enormous carrot cake to celebrate that fact.

He definitely turned 30. He got some pretty cool gifts and had a whale of a time. 

Seriously Leith? How do you get by with being so beautiful. 

New students arrived and we gave them sweets and treats and I nearly killed myself trying to make our timetable work. I love students, I love academics, I love working in a uni, I love our timetabling team, I hate timetabling. But when it works out - possibly one of the best feelings!

Later this day we had the annual barbecue. Yes. It was lovely and sunny and we stayed late chatting and enjoying the late September sunshine. Because there was sunshine.

See - this is me the next day going on a ROAD TRIP!

A road trip which meant I got to see Sheli!

and Ems

I love these ladies.

 And on the way back we went to OK Diner and I had a coke float. I bloody love coke floats.

So yeah - that was September - how was it for you?

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Mugs against Misogyny

I am most certainly a feminist, but times come where I begin to forget that the patriarchy fucks us all, and can veer a little bit towards misandry.

If you want to know why here is an actual conversation I had with an actual man (boy):

"So this girl, right? Last week I invited her round for "tea" we ended up having sex on my bed" 
*gestures towards bed*
"So I invited her round for "tea" again this week and she didn't want sex and was pissed off I hadn't made her tea!"

I don't know what I said to that. I think it was mostly a goldfish impression. This went on as it was then explained that another "girl" had exercised her right to consent and *shock horror* not slept with this guy. Apparently women are all teases or something. I was tempted to note that the commonality in all these situations was him but decided not to be a jerk.

I decided not to be a jerk, but I did really want to get this mug afterwards:

This is a Male Tears Mug from Cafe Press. I wanted to get it as a nod towards my strong feminist ideals and also pretend that the delicious male tears belonged to that cheery fellow.

I do still want to get a nice mug with a feminist message, just maybe not an ironic misandry mug.

Here are some I love:

I love this one in particular - it refers to Kelis and it refers to marxism and feminism.

This one was suggested by the lovely Kirsty. It is from Emily McDowell and it is really cool. I'd love to have this when I am at work.

This Leslie Knope mug from Peachy Apricot makes me smile so much. It refers to Galentine's Day which is the best day ever.

Like I said, I am not actually a misandrist and I work with some ace feminists. So to end this on a really good note here is another quote from one of my brilliant (male) colleagues:

"I saw a show at the fringe about superheroes and the way the women were represented was terrible. They were only defined in relation to the men. At the end when the "spell" was broken, I thought the show might redeem itself but the women were still just defined in relation to the men! I mean, seriously."

This colleague then went on to explain science in terms of food. I like where I work. I like men. I also like the taste of their delicious tears.

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