Thursday, 6 February 2014

I laugh at your conversational skills, or lack of...

Last week I had a tasty meal and enjoyable evening with a rather lovely couple. They were great. I was terrible at conversion.
At one point she started talking about her Zumba class. I used to take Zumba, I was interested in how she found it, but somewhere in the darkest recesses of my mind I remembered I had not been to Zumba for long or in a long time. I mentally put on a horse hair shirt and started hitting myself with ash branches about not going, about owing my old instructor £3 for the session I missed and about being useless at sticking to exercise and so on and so on.
Then he chipped in that the only exercise he's kept up with was swimming. Swimming! I love swimming! I used to dream about swimming. I've been swimming recently. "This is safe conversational ground," I thought, "I should ask a question."
If M had been there he might have asked why swimming was what he could keep to. If I was not in a slightly crazed state (I may have eaten too much sugar that day) I might have asked how he copied with low vision and a pool, a problem I have often encountered. These are the sort of question you say out loud in polite company.
Of course that is not where my head was at. The only sequence of questions I had was this:
  • But you have a beard. Don't you get drag in the beard?
  • You can get swim caps. Do they do beard caps? How would they work?
  • Do any pro swimmers have beards? If so there MUST be beard caps.
  • Actually a lot of pro swimmers wax their legs don't they...?

As you may have guessed none of this made it out my mouth (thankfully) and instead I looked confused for a few seconds, said "cool" and changed the subject.
Does anyone else get this sometimes?  Or am I best to quietly remove this post from the internet...
P.S.2 Have you seen the full face swim caps?  They are scary. Practical but scary.
P.S.3 The video for the song I was thinking of when I wrote this post in case you thought it was familiar but could not recognise it.  If that is the case I am not sure we can be friends. Not really. SHAPES!!


  1. Ha yes, this happens. I do tend to get verbal diarrhoea when I'm nervous but usually it's just nonsense that comes out that I regret later - think yourself lucky that your nonsense stays in your head!

    On a more serious note, I once knew a girl who was so good at questioning in conversation, she made you feel like the most interesting person in the world. Always wished I could converse like that.

    1. But when it stays in my head I just open and close my mouth like a goldfish!

      And this couple are actually very good at asking questions. I have a great chat with them and come away knowing very little about them, despite both being clearly very interesting people. I guess I have years of friendship to get to know more about them. And hopefully time with M there as he is SO much better at questions than me.

      I used to know a guy who asked good questions and looked so interested in what you said in reply that you felt fascinating. He was also effortlessly charming. I was good friends with his best friend who liked him but sometimes wished he could hate him!

  2. I've always been known for asking lots of questions, often very odd ones and strange things sometimes pop out of my mouth before I even know I'm thinking them. Scrumbled pampkins!

    1. I once heard a friend discussing a girl she did not like, in my head I thought "she is jealous, jealousy, the green eyed monster - was that Shakespeare?" Out loud what I said was "I've got green eyes". I got mocked for a long time for that one.

  3. Oh my gosh, I totally do this. Except it usually comes out of my mouth before I can stop it. OR I say absolutely nothing and it's very awkward, and then about an hour later I realise what the socially acceptable thing to say is.

    1. I wish this was not the case for you but for me it is quite reassuring knowing I am not alone in this. x


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